Ethnographic, qualitative, digital and mixed method research. Secondary research and summaries.


Creative writing, ideation, brainstorming, concept drafting, design, and script editing.


Copywriting, reports, insights, editing, websites, document and graphic design, marketing and social media.

naomi robinson

Master of Creative Industries; MPhil; GradCertInternetCommunications; BA(Hons); BPsychSc; BA

Member of the Australian Writers' Guild, TikTok Research Cultures Network and Influencer Ethnography Research Lab.

Naomi has an extensive background in higher education and experience working in corporate settings as a researcher and writer. As a qualified ethnographer and digital insights expert, she values authentic storytelling in all facets of life. 

She is currently a PhD candidate at Curtin University in Western Australia studying social movements, networked publics, narratives and climate action on TikTok. For academic publications click here.


During her academic studies and through research work, she has gained experience designing and managing research projects. In addition to her qualitative expertise both online and offline – ethnographic fieldwork, conducting semi-structured interviews, and surveys – she has some experience in quantitative, mixed, and digital methods. 

Through these methods, she has examined the data collected through thematic analysis, statistics or a combination to adequately communicate the information and apply these findings into actionable change. Naomi has held roles that have included both primary and secondary research. This has involved end-to-end research for clients of all sizes in different sectors including law firms, engineering companies, non-for-profits, disability service providers and creative agencies. 

Over the course of each project, she has conducted workshops with clients to understand what they wanted to know and how she could help them achieve their goals. Maintaining individualised research approaches and questions that were appropriate for each company, Naomi conducts interviews, transcribes and undertakes analysis. The dissemination of findings are prepared for different parties involved (developers, stakeholders, consumers, and other audiences) through reports and presentations. 

Findings were then used to provide understanding of the market, the company’s position in the sector, consumer needs/wants, and employee insights. As such, the discoveries were adapted into practical alterations to company policies, practices, branding, marketing, services, and in the development of new products. 

Some projects have also included background research and cataloguing.


Nurturing her creative side, Naomi is heavily interested in the screen industry. In particular, she enjoys creating concept and pitch documents for creative endeavours and writing scripts for television, film, documentaries, and shorts.

Naomi has seen positive responses of industry professionals for her own screenplays and screen ideas, including landing call backs with production companies and official placings at festivals. Additionally, she has worked on several projects locally, nationally, and internationally as a member of the writing team or as a creative all-rounder.

Naomi currently has two novels and a short story anthology prepared for potential publication. 

TV Series

TV Series

TV Series



Animated Film

Communications and Marketing

During her academic career evolved into my professional one, it became clear that her passion to understand, help, and provide a voice for people was a priority. Appreciating the importance of writing and creating content differently depending on the platform, not only does Naomi have experience with writing in creative settings, but academic, corporate, and professional capacities.

With most of Naomi's research, professional and personal interests residing in the digital realm, and by writing for various capacities, she is confident and experienced in building stories where authenticity, relatability, and clarity are showcased. Through her previous roles, Naomi has been responsible for creating content for print and digital. These include websites and social media (graphic design, moderation, and marketing strategies), annual reports, project pitches, media releases, eDMs, blogs, articles, newsletters, advertisements, promotional flyers, brochures, summaries, general copy-editing, and website maintenance (including Craft 3 CMS; CSS editing; WordPress; Mintox).